Commercial Division - De-Ionization Units
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We have exchange tank de- ionization systems available for many applications.
We have tanks for weak base, strong base, and mixed bed water qualities. Multiple tank set-ups are also available to get the quality up into the 15-18 meg-ohm range. Quality meters and indicators are also available for individual needs of the application. If the water supply is critical, dual systems with alternating operating instructions are used. Current usages include high quality water for coolant mix, spot free rinse in car washes and in parts washing in manufacturing, salt chamber feed water, humidification and ink mix.
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Canney's also operates a de-ionization regeneration plant for our portable exchange de-ionization tank systemse have exchange tank de- ionization systems available for many applications.
We have designed this system to regenerate each tank individually, so we are able to check each tank after regeneration, and guarantee high quality operation of the units before they go a customer's facility. Our staff regenerates and delivers the units as needed and are involved in the complete process for your benefit. Our tanks are installed only on portable water systems.
It is our policy, that upon tank exhaustion, the tank exchange of the for fresh tanks is performed on the same day or the following morning from the receipt of the request from our customers.
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